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the ole missus pointed me to this very cool ipad cover HERE called dodocase.

here’s some pics of it in our possession:

dodocase opened up. steves at right.

dodocase closed with elastic band.

dodocase side view of the bamboo frame holding the ipad.

inside cover of the dodocase.

it’s designed to look like one of those cool moleskin notebooks that smarties in turtlenecks and tweed sportcoats carry around.  the ipad slips snugly into this custom-made bamboo enclosure that seems to hold it in nicely.  it’s a pretty interesting marriage of old-time book binding with a 21st century print killer.  kinda ironic, doesn’t it seem?   i think this is by far the coolest ipad cover out there.  so many of the other ones being sold are boring mass-produced plastic sock things.  what i love about the dodocase, is that it takes the company 4 weeks to get one to you.  as exhibited in this video, it’s definitely not a mass-produced thing made in a chinese sweatshop:

walking around the house with the ipad in the dodocase, it feels surprisingly like a book.  when i first put the ipad in it, i found myself instinctually trying to turn pages.

$60 for one of these.  and no, i have no personal reason to pitch these guys.  i have no idea who owns this company.  i just think it’s a good product.

oh, on a side note related to the ipad… interesting tidbit the past couple of days about maneuverings within the print publishing world and their eventual migration towards pad-like devices.  this today about rupert murdoch and news corps’ possible launching of a team dedicated to ipad news content:


also, here’s some stirrings a few days ago about time inc’s apple bartering woes, about their tug-o-war with apple over revenue:


just figure this out, damnit.  i refuse to spend five bucks per issue for a digital version of their mags.


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July 30, 2010 at 3:23 pm


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so here are some pics of portraits of people waiting in line for the ipad back on april 3 at the san francisco union square apple store.  i shot these for german news mag stern.

usual set of fanboys waiting.  also a smattering of “normal folk” in the crowd.  surprisingly, i ran across a lot of europeans who scheduled vacations and business trips to the states around the release of the ipad.  seems like they couldn’t wait, since the ipad isn’t released to the europeans until the end of april.

no, i don’t have one yet.  seems pretty cool, but not too sure whether i want one right now.  did get a chance to play with one for about an hour that day.  feels nice, and solid.  but seems a bit buggy right now.  gonna wait a bit.

oh, here’s an iphone vid of the apple employees with their forced applause when they first opened their doors that morning:


****ADDED 5-25:  so i didn’t realize that the girl in the top right photo above is a popular blogger named justine ezarik.  or i guess known as ijustine.  funny, i didn’t have a clue.  well, her blog is HERE.  thanks ivamessy.com for pointing that out to me.

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April 13, 2010 at 9:50 am