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Written by John

July 6, 2012 at 3:05 pm

john the social hermit

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goodbye facebook.

i did it.  i deleted my facebook account yesterday.  just got sick of it.  got sick of having to constantly navigate the ever-shifting land mine of privacy policy updates and terms of service changes that facebook makes in the dark of night.  there’s just something shifty about that company.

also, there’s something about mark zuckerberg that makes me want to punch him in the face:

i found the image at right on fellow wordpress blogger fracas’ site.

yeah, if i was to really step back and think about it all, it’s pretty random and probably unfair to isolate facebook for something that just about all websites do these days.  call it web 3.0, but it looks like that’s where our world is heading.  when i think of our future, i keep thinking about this little clip from that spielberg/cruise goodie:

oh what a luddite i am.

but i’m not a luddite.  just about everything i do these days revolves around the internet.  i bank online, 50% of what i buy is via online, i probably email with family/friends more than i talk over the phone with them (god forbid i actually SEE them in person).  i’ll even email the missus when we’re sitting next to each other on the couch at home.

i should just give in.  barcode me.

can i admit something to you tho?  i had this weird sinking feeling when i finally deleted my facebook account.  honestly, it felt kinda lonely.  i’ve gotten so used to corresponding with friends from all facets of my life via facebook, that deleting my profile does feel a bit like i’m saying “so long!” to everyone.  facebook is/was a really great way for me to keep up with people that i normally would otherwise not give much effort to keeping up with.

but perhaps those random high school friends/acquaintances that i haven’t spoken to in 20 years were never meant for me to stay connected with.  i’ve only really stayed in touch with one person from high school, and that guy is pretty much like a brother to me.  but perhaps there’s a reason why i haven’t kept in touch with the random people from high school.  their 20-year absence from my circle of existence is probably life’s little way of telling me to “move on.”

Written by John

May 24, 2010 at 1:39 pm

interesting mail today

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so i got an interesting piece of mail today.  it was this:




now, i lucked out on a cheap plane ticket to dc for the inauguration.  i even scored a couch to surf on (thanks wally).  now, i don’t have actual tickets to the inauguration or anything, i’m just going as joe citizen.  i’m heading to the big party to just hang out, soak in some history, take some snaps, maybe work on my tan, eat some pork chops…  i didn’t even try to contact our lovely ms. speaker of the house for any tickets.  i figured that it was a near impossibility.  besides, no good pictures come from being stuck standing in one place only.  if i’m going to take pictures, i’d rather move around a bit, bond with my fellow common man.

so you can only guess at my puzzled delight when i found this thing in my mailbox today.  it’s printed on thick cardstock, raised lettering and embossed seal at the top for an added touch of authenticity.  looks kinda like the golden ticket that willy wonka found, huh?

my first thought was “fuck yeah!”   my second thought was, “why in the hell would a peon like me get something like this?”  are they sending these randomly to constituents?  or maybe it was because i had actually donated a few bucks to the campaign and bought this poster?  either way, i was one lucky cat, going to go see my man barack buck 233 years of white man dominant rule in this country.  

so after spending about 12 seconds thinking about what kind of suit i should wear to the inauguration, suspicion started creeping in:  this sure doesn’t look like a ticket.  there’s no special hologram or other type of counterfeit-proofing device.  it’s just a big ole 8.5×11 sheet of thick-stock paper.  would i have to carry this thing everywhere i went on the 20th, whipping it out to the hundreds of thousands of cops and security that i will no doubt encounter?  might need a special envelope…

so i looked deeper into the envelope that this letter came in, and saw two other sheets of paper:




are you kidding me?  you’re hitting me up for more money!?!?!?!?  and you mask it with some bullshit “invitation”.  how much did it cost to print and send these?   trying to bilk the probably hundreds of thousands of donors that you’ve already hit up a few months ago?  is this where our donation dollars are going?  to subsidize the cost of more panhandling?  “si se puede” take my money…

alright barack.  i love ya, and you’re my guy.  but you better do some pretty damn amazing things in the next 2-3 years in order for me to send you more money for your re-election come 2012.  

and yeah, i know that this post really had nothing to do with the iphone.  but i did shoot these pictures with it, so that’s how i’m justifying this post.

Written by John

January 10, 2009 at 4:33 am

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