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70 degrees to 30 degrees

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after living back here in california for the past 4 years, i’ve become a bit of a wimp weather-wise.  it’s like my body has forgotten 9 years of chicago winters.  i contemplate this as i’m packing for a week-long trip to d.c., or more specifically,spending all day out in 30-degree weather at the inauguration.  

when we moved back here from the midwest, we sold off all our heavy jackets, saved for the ole missus’s puffy patagonia coat.  the absolute thickest jacket i have is this denim thing with some fuzzy lining inside.  it is decidedly not thick enough to sustain me all day out in sub-freezing weather.  

nevertheless, i’m going to the inauguration.  not really sure why.  it’s not like i’m accredited for it, or am covering it for anyone.  i can probably just watch it on tv like everyone else.  but i’m going because i know that if i didn’t, i would be humping the tv like a dog in heat.  whatever remaining journalistic bone in me twitching away until i broke something.  then i would feel like shit for the next month because i would have missed out on the opportunity to witness the most amazing political event in u.s. history.  

it’s weird to be a bystander of news instead of being in it.  i think that has to be the toughest part of turning my back to journalism.  since leaving the paper, i’ve missed out on katrina, the beijing olympics, and the 08 campaign.  and i was a mess when each one was taking place.  

so i guess i need to go to d.c. this time.  i really don’t expect to shoot pics of anything other than a big crowd of really cold people.  i’m not going get any great spot along the parade route, nor will i get within 2 miles of the capitol hill steps.  i’ll probably just be doing a lot of walking and lugging of gear.  if there’s one thing i can look forward to is possibly getting a massage on weds the 21st.  

here’s a pic from back on election day at my local costco:



Written by John

January 19, 2009 at 6:45 am